Big Questions

There are big questions floating around in peoples’ minds.  They have been there for as long as there have been people.  Who are we?  Where did we come from?  What is out purpose?

These questions were asked by Plato and Aristotle.  And sadly, their answers are still around.  They were asked by the ancient Egyptians and by Eastern peoples of what’s now China and India.

They were asked by such great theologians as Augustine, Aquinas.  They have been asked by philosophers both ancient and modern ranging from Kant to Huxley, Nietzche to Schaeffer.  They are asked by our great literary writers like Hemingway, Hawthorne, Thoreau and O’Connor.  These are the big questions and we need to ask them.

It seems more and more, America is becoming a place where we fail to ask the big questions.  We are more interested in the Dark Knight, SUVs, and vacations.  We pay closer attention to who is going to be the next president than we do the meaning of life.

This is a sad time.  This is an indictment.  I will say, first of all however, that it is indictment upon myself. I, who have spent far too much time trying to figure out LOST and not nearly enought time trying to figure out the world around me, the world I’m living in, the real world.  Not some world conjured up in the mind of a television writer.  As exciting as our world is, ours is moreso.  The questions in our world, the big questions, they really matter.  The season isn’t going to end and then fade into oblivion, or, if its popular, show up on DVD.

I challenge and urge you to think about the big questions – to explore.  Consider the possibilities.  And consider what could possibly be truth.  Dont look at it from a skeptical “anything is possible” standpoint.  Eliminate the impossiblities and go for what seems accurate.  What does your heart tell you.  I encourage all to read and study the biblical worldveiw – the only one that gives solid answers to all of the questions.  And I encourage Christians to grapple with this worldview; try to figure it out.  And be ready to give an answer to the big questions.  Or be ready to ask the big questions.  After all, if we can’t answer these, then we are all LOST.

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