Redeeming Music

I feel I got into a little bit of a hurry on the page below.  I have ended up forming a completely new and separate blog on music:  Daisies and Sandalwood.  I will eventually get this page cleaned up and the thrust of the post below will be moved over there.


I often sit and consider what certain things in this world would be like if it hadn’t been for the Fall.  For example, if there had been no fall, would we all be perfect physical specimens running around, every ripple of every muscle standing out in fine contrast and arrayed to reflect the handiwork of the One Who Made? Probably.  Would this necessarily rule out the possibility of such a thing as McDonalds?  Maybe so.  I’m not sure.

One of the aspects of this world I think about a lot is music.  I just adore music.  I think there is a unique quality to expression when done by way of music.  Remember that Saul was played music to soothe his troubled heart.  And Zephaniah 3 tells us that God sings over His people.  The Psalms command that we return the favor.  I think if there had been no Fall, there would still be music.  After all, God took the time to weave it into His creation.  I think he meant for it to be there.

But what would it be like today?  What would music be like and how can we redeem what we have?  How can we struggle against the sinful aspects and grasp for the goodness at the heart of music?  However else we do it, we do it one song at a time.  

My favorite artists are songwriters.  I believe that in the songs they write, they sometimes capture things heavenly, things of grace and things of truth, things of beauty and things of holiness.

Following is a collection or list or what have you of some artists whose music I greatly admire.  The list will continually grow, (I’ll try to grow it from the top, like a full blog; who knows?  maybe I’ll form a new blog for redeeming music).  Check back periodically.

Steven Delopoulos

Steven Delopoulos is one of my favorite artists.  I haven’t been listening to him for that long and I know only a little bit about him.  He is from the Northeast US (maybe Jersey?) and used to tour with his cousin in a band called “Burlap to Cashmere.”  So much talent, so much insight, and so refined and pruned.  His songs come from the heart and they mix the truth of life experientially with the truth of God revealed.

This video is illustrated by Portland Studios, a revolutionary group of artists who I cannot say enough good about.  Check out their work.  Check out Steven Delopoulos too.  And if you like, pick up his latest album, Straightjacket, available on his website, on Amazon and on iTunes.

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