The Celebration of the Incarnation

A recent post at the Rabbit Room by Mr. Andrew Peterson has inspired some expression.

Ah, the Celebration of the Incarnation is upon us. Thankyou, Mr. Peterson, for this gentle reminder of how our savior came to us. I am reminded of the often cast-aside carol “Little Drummer Boy.” It strikes me that we all are the little drummer boy, with nothing at all to offer our Savior, our King, our Maker and Redeemer.

What can we give to him? We can give nothing. Nothing but our voices, our hearts, our glory. Nothing but the beat of a drum. In and of itself, the worthless banging of a child in a homemade drum. But a beating signifying the coming of the Christ. He is Emmanuel. He is God with us. And though all we have to offer is a drum beat, that is all he wants of us. Our worship, our trust, our hope and faith, the drumbeat of our lives. And so the little drummer boy beats out on his drum a rhythm of worship and of reverence and awe.

What are we to think of our King, of Emmanuel, coming in such a way? Being born in a stable that you so insightfully described, “as cruel a place as a cross… amidst the dung” But I ask, what better have we humans to offer. In our sin and depravity, the very best we have is a smelly stable. Our good deeds are filthy rags after all. Why should our fine dwellings be any better than dung-filled stables. The Celebration of the Incarnation is upon us, and what a celebration it shall be. The Coming of the King. The Arrival of a Savior. He is Emmanuel! God With Us.

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